Between January 06 and July 07 over 1000 families benefited from low cost furniture and over 100 tonnes of furniture was diverted from landfill

We thank our donors for their contributions.                                                    Without their generosity Future for Furniture would not exist.

About us

Future For Furniture was set up by Menter Môn during January 2006 because of the desperate need to reduce waste going to landfill.  Waste is currently one of the largest environmental issues facing the UK with thousands of tonnes of useful materials being landfilled unnecessarily to the detriment of the  environment.  This includes furniture items that are completely reusable!  Used furniture often has a second life and can be too good to waste. 

So why do we throw away unwanted furniture...? Because it is no longer needed...?  Because it’s no longer liked...? 

This should not assume it becomes waste!

There is far more to furniture re-use than simply increasing recycling.  Future for Furniture highlights all of the following outputs from its operation: -  

· Assisting families to furnish their homes at low cost. 

· Reducing the number of furniture items that unnecessarily go to landfill

· Retaining wealth from existing resources and reinvesting in the community

Initially set up through grant funding, Future for Furniture now aspires to become financially independent.   Operating with purely social and environmental aims Future for Furniture continues to run the service at minimal cost thus ensuring that the benefits of the Project are reinvested into the community.  All income generation is ploughed immediately back into the Project to fund operational costs and to develop and sustain the service. 

 Future for Furniture

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